Talk to an Expert

Most job searching is easy to do it yourself, but sometimes you need professional help.

Your job search can feel complicated, overwhelming, even, especially if you have been away from it for a while. And like with every pain point, there are a variety of professionals who want to help you manage it, from specialists—interview preliminary, resume writers and counsellors.

If you’re wondering when it makes sense to bring in the pros, we are here to guide you.

Just make sure you consult someone who’s familiar with your field. “I would be careful of some services, because they can be very template driven and your resume sounds like everyone else’s,”

You’re certainly not a newbie to the interview process, but if you’re applying for your first C-suite role or a position that’s a big step up, you may want to polish your skills. The questions may be different than you’ve seen previously, or you may have a panel interview.

The same goes for a cultural change, such as moving from corporate culture to a start-up culture. “If the stakes are different and the game is different and the level is different, it’s not a bad idea to have someone take you through your paces,”