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The on-line revolution in the media and entertainment industries is changing the way journalists work and overhauling the employment patterns and gender distribution of the world's media and entertainment workforce, according to an ILO report * prepared for a symposium on information technologies which gets underway in Geneva today.

Among the report's main findings are that information and communications technology (ICT) in newsrooms is levelling the playing field between fixed staff and freelancers, and that journalism is providing increasing career opportunities for women, who are among the major beneficiaries of the booming "new" media job market.

In the UK, the report says "more women are becoming journalists than ever before" and cites research conducted in 1998 which "found that women under the age of 35 working on newspapers earned an average salary of £32,000 compared with £25,000 for their male counterparts."

What will the entertainment and media industry look like in the future? How will our viewing become even more personalised? What are the digital opportunities?

The entertainment and media sector has always been at the leading edge of the digital revolution and here on the Isle of Man our place within the eGaming sector has given us a front row seat to that revolution.

The industry as a whole is thriving – PwC predicts worldwide revenues to grow from $1.72 trillion in 2015 to $2.14 trillion by 2020. That’s an annual growth rate of around 4.4%, but within that digital growth is substantially outstripping traditional media – internet advertising, for example, will grow by over 11% per annum, but both magazine and newspaper publishing are likely to decline (by 0.1% and 1.5% each year respectively). Likewise, three markets (China, the UK, and Denmark) are now generating more revenue from digital advertising than non-digital advertising – the first time this has happened. Others are set to follow.

Due to this a lot of avenues, business opportunities, and jobs are opening up.

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