India has a renowned name in the field of education since ancient times.But in past three years, our economy has experienced the emergence and development of close to 1000 startups. All of which are entirely focused on the education sector. The Indian Education Sector values up to $100 billion and has been experiencing quite a lot of action in terms of Edutech startups. With the evolving age of internet and technology, more students are able to access the virtual world of learning.

This includes interactive videos and textbooks, online and classroom discussions, exclusively customised learning modules, and content from some of the best universities.Educational technology is the study and practice of facilitating and improving learning through different technology. With the addition of the online learning courses, doors to education at a more accessible level have now sprung open.

This revolution has been driven by many key factors, one of which includes the emergence of technology and communication.

“For a Manpower revolution, education is mandatory and for a revolution in education an expert manpower is essential”

The rise in populism and the polarization of the workforce continues to play out in front of our eyes. It's time to take immediate action to upskill and reskill employees to address the gaps between the Haves and the Have Nots – those that have the right skills and those that are at risk of being left behind. We also need to draw in those that are not fully participating in the workforce. That's what we mean by the emergence of a skilled manpower Revolution.

The increase in the percentage of white-collar jobs and the growth of services,especially financial,legal ,medical and personal,mean that we should expect that the growth of educational expenditures will be exponential.

Due to this a lot of avenues, business opportunities, and jobs are opening up.

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  • Education Manager / Director / Principal
  • Career / Education Counsellor
  • Language / Translation
  • Library Management
  • Professional / Soft Skills Training
  • Professor / Lecturer
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Technical / Process Training
  • Special Education
  • Teacher / Tutor
  • Pre-School / Day Care

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